Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Welcome to Periodgraph

Thank you for stopping by. This former blog now serves as the landing page for Periodgraph Press, an independent publishing company in San Francisco. Hopefully, we will have a better website soon. But for now, all of our effort is going into the finishing touches on the company’s first book: Training is Bitter: Reflections on Life, Effort, and Acrobatics With Master Trainer Lu Yi. Stay tuned for a release within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, you can check out the flap copy below, or enjoy this fun-fact about our name: Periodgraph comes from a phrase spoken over magazine edits. Two people working on Etc. Magazine at City College in 2012 were discussing an article — reading possible combinations aloud while including punctuation. One of them said a sentence, followed by “period, graph,” meaning the end of the sentence and the start of a new paragraph. The phrase stuck.

—Devin Holt, founder of Periodgraph Press

About Training is Bitter:

Hailed as everything from “the father of modern acrobatics” to the “rabble-rouser of Chinese circus,” Master Trainer Lu Yi brings his trademark humor and acrobatic philosophy to his own life story in Training is Bitter.

He recalls a nearly seven-decade career of incredible feats and bitter challenges. At just eleven years old, Lu Yi faced cruel methods and harsh beatings from the coach of his first acrobatic troupe. He went on to become a celebrated performer known for acrobatic creativity who invented a number of tricks—including one that, as far as he knows, has never been replicated. He toured the world as a star acrobat, served as artistic director of both the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe and the San Francisco Circus Center, and established the first Chinese Acrobatics training program in the United States. Through engaging first-hand accounts and detailed historical essays, Training is Bitter, written with former student Devin Holt, offers a picture of a man who inspired generations of students to endure the hard, bitter training necessary to perform on the world’s biggest circus stages.

“If you’ve watched a circus in the last twenty years, you’ve seen Master Lu Yi’s work. He changed circus in North America and Australia in profound and beautiful ways. He was also my teacher and a dear friend. Training is Bitter gives you a taste of Lu Yi’s philosophy and why he is beloved by performers around the world.”

—JEFF RAZ, former Cirque du Soleil star and author of The Secret Life of Clowns